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Title: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 4 – The Tales of the Clan
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.


Chapter 4. The Tales of the Clan

In the abandoned dwarven ruins underground, the crow with the red scale around its neck flew down to the door and a purple magic from the crow’s eyes turn to the delivery boy who send the wooden box to Mahen walked through the cave and knock the door with his staff and waited for the respond.

A man opens the slot stutter from the top door and saw the delivery man, he quickly closed the slot shutter and opens the door and face at him with the red helmet and dragon pelt armor.

“Have you’ve complete your quest?” the dragon armor man asked. The delivery man nodded, as the dragon armor man lets him in.

The delivery man looked around and saw some male mages are training their magic in combat, as some women mages are nurturing and teachings the children, and helping the other mages from the war between mages and Templars.

Till the delivering man walked to the front door where the Leader is inside. The top of the door has a high dragon skull with two ruby gem for the dragon skull’s eyes, as he’s about to knocked the door till…”You may enter, Simon.” the Leader said.

Simon opens the door saw his leader with a dragon helmet covering his face, but inside of the dragon helmet mouth you can see a middle aged of the leader’s mouth. Simon walk to the Leader’s desk and salute him. “The quest you gave me is complete, Mahen Lavellan has your message.” Simon said and face at his Leader.

Suddenly a soft grow behind Simon is walking pass, Simon saw a sixty-five inches black tiger with white stripes and long hair with feather accessories on its hair, with a white goatee, and red a saddle with red dragon scales on its back.

The black tiger face Simon with its white eyes with a growl. Simon shudder in fright as he face the black tiger with fear, though he is not sure that the tiger will attack him. “That’s enough, Blackmoon.” The leader said to tiger. Blackmoon walk to his owner right side of his owner’s seat and sat right next him. The leader pets his fearless mount and friend with his dragon gauntlet and face at Simon.

“Did this… Seeker and former Templar know of your appearance?” the leader asked. Simon nodded his head no till he made a nervous expression and face at his leader. “I’ve sneak in the Chantry and heard the conversation with him and the others inside the war table.” Simon said.

“And?” the leader asked for more details. Simon gulped quietly and take a deep breath and face at his leader. “Mahen gave the letter to the Templar and the Seeker and they learn of… you, Master.” Simon said and back away slowly. Kenaz look down to his table as he place his left hand to his desk and tap his dragon gauntlet claws to the desk. "Being cautious , hm? Oh, he's a smart one." the Kenaz said with a grin.  “Should I leave? Or stay?” Simon asked with a nervous expression.

Kenaz look up to Simon. “Do they need mages to close the Breach?” Kenaz asked. “Or Templars, if I may add, Master. But that’s really up to Mahen, not us, plus he did convince them to let him reason with you, if you’re willing to?” Simon said while he wipe the sweat off his forehead with his fur coat.

Kenaz got up from his desk and walks up to Simon and face at him as Simon panting nervously with a frighten expression. Till Kenaz place his hand to Simon’s shoulder to calm him down. “Are they recruiting for the Inquisition?” Kenaz asked. Simon nodded his head. Kenaz remove his hand from Simon’s shoulder and turn to his table. “Go to the Hinterlands where the Mages and Templars are fighting, since you just recruited in my network since Mahen is closing the Breach.” Kenaz said. “Y-you want me to…spy on him and the Inquisition?!” Simon stuttered.

“I didn’t say you can spy on him, I asking you to stay in the Inquisition, his siblings is here with him, am I correct?” Kenaz asked. Simon looked down and scratch the back of his head and look up to Kenaz. “Just his younger sister, but--.” Kenaz silences Simon by turning to him. “I want you to look after her, if…something happens.” Kenaz said.

Simon nodded. Kenaz brings out a pouch from his pocket and hand it to Simon. “Inside the pouch there’re two sending stone. Give one to Mahen and keep one with you I’ll send message to you and Mahen. But you send me message, if something happens.” Keanz said. Simon just realized Kenaz's worries. “Master…I…I know you want to keep the mages safe but, why is…” Kenaz quickly turns to his desk that it made Simon stops before he could finish the sentence, Simon took a deep breath. “I understand…Master.” Simon said and left his master’s office.

After Simon left the Kenaz office, Kenaz sat on his chair, he remove his dragon gauntlets and place his hands into his face in his dragon helmet mouth. “Maker, don’t let me lose this, again.” he thought in his mind, as his faithful mount walks to his master and comfort him.

Back at Haven a day pass by

Mahen is gathering his bow and a packs of arrows around his shoulders and place his sketchbook in his bag. Till Josephine walks to Mahen. “Master Lavellan, a moment, before you leave?” she asked. Mahen look at Cassandra. “Seeker, I’ll be out in a minute or two.” Mahen said. “Take your time, we’ll leave in an hour in a half.” Cassandra said while she packing horse feed and place it around her horse. Mahen walks with Josephine inside the Chantry. “Something you want to talk about?” he asked.

Josephine led Mahen to her office and turns to him with a slight smile. “Since you are closing the Breach with the mark on your hand, the people around Ferelden and Orlais is…talking about you.” She said while she’s writing in her clipboard. As Mahen heard that the entire world is saying something about him he rolled his eyes and face palm. “Is bad is it?” he asked. “Well, some compliments and insults. You are an elf, yes, but the Chantry find it a bad omen, but we will make it a conformable, till we find a new Divine for the Chantry, hopefully.” She said and walks to her desk and sat on her chair. Mahen sat on the ground on the left side of her desk.

“Why would they think I’m making a bad omen?” he asked and tries get the bad things outta his mind. “You are…well Cassandra did told us you’re half-Dalish, and yet…you don’t look Dalish, but I thought all Dalish have the…” Mahen quickly answer to her. “The Vallaslin?” he said. “Yes.” She said. Mahen smile a little. “Well, not all dalish have the Vallaslin on their faces, and as for City-born elves they just…don’t care about the dalish, I mean we’re in the same species, but our elven race is different…” he said with a slight depression.

“I highly understand how you feel, but you can’t change their will, sometimes I wish my whole family to stay with me while I’m in the Orlais University, but it was never meant to be.” She said while she’s writing.

“You miss your family?” the elf asked. “Well, they did came and visit, that’s a little bit comforting. Anyway we’re not talking about me, we’re talking about you.” She said till it made Mahen chuckle. “I know, but it’s good to get things out of your chest, right?” he said. Josephine chuckle as well. “Well, you sounded like a father figure, in a good way.” She said till she clears her throat and when she said “father” she got focus on Mahen’s family.

“And that’s remind me, are you and you’re sister comfortable around my human-kind in Haven?” she asked. “Me and my sister has no problem with them, but if they being stealthy, I’d knock some teeth out.”  He said that made Josephine a little nervous but she wrote it down. “I’ll let Leliana and Cassandra know about that as soon as possible, and I like to know where your clan lived.” She said while wrote everything down. “Well, my clan lived in the Free Marches, it’s…a bit far, though.” He said. “And you did said that your friend has a problem with my kind?” she asked. “Well yes, and I rather not tell you, it’s…complicated.” He said. “I’ll keep that in mind, I hope my people don’t find that Dalish is vicious.” She said. Mahen’s eyes widen of the sentence Dalish is vicious. “What do you mean, “vicious”?” he asked. “I’m sorry, I should’ve brought it up.” She said.

“I’m ready hear about it.” He said. Josephine sighs with depress, till she took a breath and ready to speak. “Stealing children, selling peasants to slavery, burning down villages, and using infants for blood magic…Those are the stories about your fellow Dalish. I won’t repeat this again.” She said.

“Well, the other Dalish from a different clan told us stories that humans are cruel and we’re even the first sacrifice for the blood ritual, because we have great eternal youth, they even told us that the human is telling those tales are the first to take a knife to someone with pointed ears. My clan’s defended ourselves against them more time than we can count.” He said that his Dalish family have greater courage then any violence.

“Really? I…had no idea. I will do what I can to end the slander, Herald.” She said. When Josephine called Mahen “Herald” but he might got used to it, but doesn’t want to be treated TOO nobly. “I’ve got a name you know, you don’t have to call me, my lord, or Herald. I’m might be a tool to seal the Breach, but I’m still a person.” He said.

“Point taken, I’m sorry. But it may help if I know more about you, your sister and your clan lived.” She asked. Mahen started having flashbacks about his past and remembers how happy he was with his clan, which always put a smile on his face.

“I was so much in bliss, while I was in the forest it brings me a lot of comfort along with my family and my whole clan. And, ah, when the animals heard my songs they’re very comfortable in my appearance. And the best part was the aravel, our wagons, turned from the plains to the woods. I could spend a whole month in the forest.” The elf said while he place his marked hand to his chest, like he’s holding his heart with love and care, till a slight tear strolling down to his cheek.

As Mahen sniffle softly and wipe his tear off without letting Josephine hear him, but it did. “Sounded like you’re idyllic, and I take it you miss the people of your clan?” she asked. Mahen thought of his friends and remembers his friend Kin’vel shedding his for Mahen. “My best friend Pips was with me and my sisters, and two of my best friends are with clan, Kin’vel was very emotional he…I was the only one he looked up to. Den...He’s bold, strong and fearless, he would give up his limbs and do ANYTHING to protect the clan. And Pips, he and I had the same birthday, we do a lot of prank stuff when we were kids. And when all four of us together, we were unstoppable. But before I came to the Conclave, the clan was my whole world. I never wanted to leave them, but I had to do what the Keeper says, and me and my sisters had family in Redcliffe in my father side. But I really, really, want to see them after everything is done.” He said with a depressed expression on his face.

“And I hope you get the chance, whether you’re with them or not, being the clan of the Herald of Andraste will mark them in in history.” She said. “I’m…worried about that, elven gods and human gods and fame to add, will go poorly together. I hope my clan doesn’t suffer for it.” He said. “We can make inquiries as to how they fare, if it worries you. Perhaps the inquisition could lend a hand.” She said. Mahen got up from the ground and face at Josephine with a smile. “Ma serannas. (Thank you).” Mahen said in elven and as he was about to leave, Josephine quickly stops him.

“One more question or so, how many people do you have in your clan?” she asked. Mahen turn back Josephine. “My clan short there were nineteen of us, but when years had passed by we’ve gotten short. Den lost his parents when he was very young, Kin’vel’s mother was killed by wolves, my father was taken by Templars and place him to the Circle, my mother was killed by a Templar, and lastly there’s me and my sisters. So, there’s only ten of us now, but four of them happens to be children.” He said.

“I’ll let Leliana know, your clan will be treated with care.” She said and write everything down. Mahen eyes widen a bit and he was surprised of the offer. “I…I don’t know what to say…” he said. “Well, your clan is very important to you, not only that people like you have a weakness, when it comes to family.” She said while she’s writing everything down in the paper and face up to Mahen. “And Leliana told me that your last name is Tabison?” she asked. “On my father side, yes.” He said.

“Well, I heard that the Tabison family is very popular in Redcliffe.” She said. Mahen’s eyes widen by the word “popular” of his father’s family, his family.  “How popular?” the elf asked. “They earn a corn crop and they even make their homemade oil and sells them. And the Tabison has been doing the business for four-hundred eighty-three years.” She said that Mahen fall, but quickly grab the door to catch himself. “Four-hundred and eighty-three year?!” he panicked. Josephine saw Mahen’s expression and she started to giggles as Mahen heard her and face at her. “W-what so funny?” he said.

“I thought—I thought you knew!.” She laughs, and while Josephine laughs. Mahen slides down to the ground and thought about it and wondering why his father and mother didn’t tell him about the Tabison family. “This is…I mean…damn!” he said till Josephine stop laughing and clears her throat and face at Mahen with a smile. “So, you had no idea?” she asked.

Mahen quickly stand up from the ground and give Josephine the slight terrified expression. “No! If my parents knew?! Why didn’t they tell me…oh…” Mahen just remembers why they didn’t tell him. “I was young and foolish and I didn’t even asked.” He said.

“Well, since the Inquisition is supporting your clan, we’re also going to support the Tabison family.” She said. “Thank you, Josephine.” He said. “One more thing, you did say your father is taken by Templars and takes him to the Circle, right?” she asked. Mahen frown while his elven ears went down to his shoulders.

“Me and my siblings haven’t seen him in ten years.” He said. “With luck he might be with his fellow mages in the war in the Hinterlands, I’ll ask Cullen and Leliana to find him for you and your sister, however we can.” She said and grab her quill and writes everything in the paper. “Hey! Freckles!” a called from Varric from the entrance of the Chantry. “It’s time to go!” he said.

Mahen face at Josephine and nodded. “Thank you, again. I won’t forget this.” Mahen said left outta of the Chantry and left. “Maker, guide them through this crisis.” She said.

Outside of the Chantry

Mahen got on his grown tiger Azul and pets his fur from the neck with a smile. Varric got on the horse and saw Mahen with his white tiger. “You know what you’re doing with the cub?” Varric said. “Well, the tome says that it only work on baby animals and plants, Plants permanent, but baby animals not permanent.” the elf said. “Just wanna make sure the kitten is comfortable, Freckles.” Varric said with a smile. Cassandra and Solas trotted their horses to Mahen and Varric. Cassandra look at Mahen with his tiger mount. “Are you ready?” she asked. “I’m ready, lead on.” Mahen said. Cassandra point the gateway “Move out!” she said.

As Cassandra leads the others to gateway with the roads, till the soldiers saw Cassandra and the others are trotting to the gate, they quickly opens the gate and they trotted forward, Mahen look at his marked hand and looked at the Breach with a depress expression. “I really don’t know how I’ve got myself into, mother, but I will make it right…” the elf thought to his mind and face at the road.

To be continued…

DA:I Ch.4 The Tales of the Clan
Title: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 3 – The Dragon of Knowledge
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.

Chapter 3. The Dragon of Knowledge

As Cassandra leads Mahen and Azul inside of the Chantry till Mahen’s marked hand started glowing and as he looked at it with a slight concern expression.

Cassandra spotted the elf’s concern and walk up to him. “Does it trouble you?” she asked. Mahen look up to Cassandra till he closes his eyes and tries to remember how he got the mark on his left hand, but when he opens his eyes and remembers nothing.

“I wish I knew I have this mark for a reason, but to be honest I wish this is a dream.” He said.

“We will help you recover your memories however we can, but right now we need to stop the war between Mages and Templars. But what’s important is that your mark is now stable, as is the Breach. You’ve given us time, and Solas believes a second attempt might succeed—provided the mark has more power. The same level of power used to open the Breach in the first place. That is not easy to come by. And yet I hope Kenaz is not here in the war with his fellow mages to eliminate the entire Templar or interfere.” She said while Mahen saw her hand balled into a fist and look up to her.

“Is there a reason why he is killing Templars?” He asked till Azul is scratching the front door. Cassandra face at Mahen. “We will discuss this after we discover the plan to close the Breach.” She said and opens the door to the War Room.

Once Cassandra, Mahen and Azul went inside Cullen eyes widen by Azul’s appearance and about to draw his sword. “Calm yourself, Cullen, he is Mahen’s ally and…mount.” She said as Cullen place hand away from his sword.

“Well, he’s certainly adorable!” The woman who has her quill and her list. Cassandra sighs. “Josephine, now is not the time for that.” Cassandra tries to get Josephine to focus. “Be clam, Cassandra, I know what’s at stake.” Josephine said as she saw Mahen.

Cassandra clears her throat. “Mahen, May I present Commander Cullen, leader of the Inquisition’s Forces.” Cassandra said till she face at Cullen.

As Cullen face at Mahen to top to bottom till a “clank” noise got their attention they spotted Azul knock the shield from the wall and plays with it. Cassandra sighs in disgusted and face at Mahen with a glare. Mahen slightly smile and quickly snap his finger to get Azul’s attention till “poof” a flash blinded Mahen and the others open their eyes and saw Azul turn into normal cub.

Cassandra slightly glares at Mahen till Mahen dash to Azul and place him inside of the satchel and walk back to Cassandra. Cullen looked at Cassandra and pointed at Mahen. “Are you seriously sure that…Mahen is the one who can close the Breach, Cassandra?” Cullen said in concern.

Cassandra nodded her head with shame expression on her face. “Uh…well…okay, let’s hope his recklessness, doesn’t cause the Inquisition’s into stupidity, no offense, Mahen.” Cullen said in a cautious way. “None taken, at least you’re not an ass like the old man Rodrick.” Mahen said that makes Cullen chuckles. Cassandra scoffs with disgust.

Cullen clears his throat and getting back to the situations. “Anyway, we lost many soldiers in the valley, and I fear many more before this through.” Cullen said. “This is Lady Josephine Montiyet, our ambassador and chief diplomat.” Cassandra said till she saw Mahen’s smiling at Josephine like he was in love. “Andaran Atish’an (Greetings), Mahen.” Josephine said in Elven.

Mahen is still grinning at Josephine till Cassandra slaps the back of the elf’s head for him to focus. “Pay attention!” Cassandra yelled. Mahen rub his head and slightly. “I’m so sorry, I’ve this obsession with tan skin, men and women.” Mahen apologized till Josephine giggles. “Oh, everyone has their own weakness, I’m afraid.” Josephine said with a smile.

“And of course you know Sister Leliana.” Cassandra said till Leliana interrupts…”My position here involves a degree of…” Cassandra answered quickly. “She is our spymaster.” “Yes. Tactfully put, Cassandra.” Leliana said. Mahen looked at the people he’s going to be working with and he nodded. “I’m pleased to meet you all.” He said with a smile till Azul pops his head out of the satchel and mew, Mahen quickly place Azul back in the satchel with a slight grin.

“I mentioned that your mark needs more power to close the Breach for good.” Cassandra said. “Which means we must approach the rebel mages for help.” Leliana said till Cullen face at Leliana with a slight anger expression.

“And I still disagree. The Templars could serve just as well.” Cullen said. Cassandra sighed and try to smooth this over with Cullen. “We need power, Commander. Enough magic poured into that mark—“. Cullen interrupts “Might destroy us all. Templars could suppress the Breach, weaken it so—“. Leliana jumps the conversation. “Pure speculation.” She said.

“I was a Templar. I know what they’re capable of.” Cullen said. “Well, unfortunately, neither the group will even speak to us yet. The Chantry has denounced the Inquisition and Mahen specifically.” Josephine said. Mahen sighs in a slight despair.

“I knew they would be rumors about me being guilty.” Mahen said. “That is not entirely of it any longer. Some are calling you—an elf—the “Herald of Andraste.” That frightens the Chantry. The remaining clerics have declared it blasphemy, and we heretics for harboring you.” Josephine said.

“Chancellor Rodrick’s doing, no doubt.” Cassandra said with disappointment. “It limits our options. Approaching the Mage or Templars for help is currently out of the question.” Josephine said. “Wait, how am I the “Herald of Andraste”?” Mahen asked.

“People saw what you did at the temple, how you stooped the Breach from growing. They have also heard the woman seen in the rift when we first found you. They believe that was Andraste.” Cassandra said till Mahan looked at Cassandra and thought that she forgotten about the other woman that saved him.

“What about the other woman that saved me?” Mahen asked. “You said that the other woman is Dalish, she must be a spirit something must’ve keeping her here.” Cassandra said.

“But we don’t know who the spirited woman’s name. She might’ve known Mahen, even he doesn’t know her.” Leliana said. “If the spirit knows me she must’ve known my clan.” Mahen said. “Possibly, should we ask your Keeper about the spirit, with your permission if that’s possible?” Josephine said and asked.

“That sounds helpful, but my friend has a problem with humans, I was hoping he doesn’t knock some teeth out.” Mahen said with warning.

“I will send my elven spies to your clan however we can, however we remain the second woman as a secret, anyway back with situation with the Chantry. We’ve tried to stop the view from spreading—“Leliana said till Cassandra face at Leliana. “Which we have not.” Cassandra said till Leliana is about spoke about the rumors. “The point is, everyone is talking about you.” She said.

“And it’s quite the title, isn’t it? How do you feel about that?” Cullen asked. Mahen quickly thought of the title and face at Cullen. “I don’t mind at all, though it’s a bit dull, but I can handle it.” Mahen said.

“People are desperate for a sign of hope. For some, you’re that sign.” Leliana said. “And to others, a symbol of everything that’s gone wrong.” Josephine said till Mahen’s eyes widen a bit with a slight fright. “So, does that mean the whole entire Chantry will attack us?” Mahen asked.

Cullen chuckled a little. “With what? They have only words at their disposal.” He said. “And yet, they may bury us with them.” Josephine said.

“There is something you can do. A Chantry cleric by the name of Mother Giselle has asked to speak with you. She is not far and know those involved far better than I, her assistance could be invaluable.” Leliana said. “I’ll see what I can do.” Mahan said. “You will find Mother Giselle tending to the Hinterlands near Redcliff.” Leliana said.

“Look for others opportunities to expand the Inquisition’s influence while you are there.” Cullen said. “And we also need agent to extend our reach beyond this valley, and you’re better suited than anyone to recruit them.” Josephine said. “In the meantime, let’s think of other option. I won’t leave this all to Mahen.” Cassandra said.

“Well, that’s the plan for now, can you tell me about Kenaz the Red Dragon?” Mahen said till Leliana, Cullen and Josephine stare at Mahan with the fear expression on their faces of the name.

“Kenaz? You mean the Templar killer?” Cullen said in concern but with a slight rage. “Yes, and he’s now Mahen’s suitor for magic.” Cassandra said that shocked Cullen. “Mahen’s a mage?” Cullen said as he face at the elf. “I’m partly a mage, but I’ve never used magic till I saved Cassandra.” Mahen said.

“But, how did Kenaz found out that you’re the Herald of Andraste?” Cullen said. “He’s a shape shifter, a rouge mage and a scholar, he might know everything, but not fully everything.” Josephine said. “Still he’s a killer, the Templars and the Seekers have been hunting him for years and still… nothing.” Cassandra said.

“I know Kenaz is a mage. Why did he called himself the Red Dragon?” Mahen asked. “He’s a shapeshifter, he can form himself as a dragon and believes that he’s a dragon of knowledge, full of madness.” Cassandra said till she bring out the note from her pocket and hand it to Leliana.

As Leliana grabs the note and begin reading it. “Are you certain that you don’t know Kenaz?” Cullen asked. Mahan nodded his head. “I’ve never even met him and that’s a good thing right?” Mahen said in concern.

“Well, that is uncertain but we might have to look into it.” Josephine said. Leliana place the note down to the table and face at Cassandra. “We also have to find these books and boxes that has a symbol of a dragon drawn by blood and the people who was send by Kenaz, we might have to question them about his hideout and his crimes.” Leliana said.

“Can we try reason with him?” Mahen said that in idea. Cassandra glare at Mahen.

“Are you mad? Kenaz is a killer and he’ll always a killer! If we reason with him we will be doom by his wrath!” Cullen said to prove a point that Kenaz is dangerous.

“Kenaz is not completely mad with power, but he’s trying to protect his fellow mages from the Circle of Magi and from Templars he just want justice for his people and as he protects them, they protect him, as long they work together they cannot be broken apart.” Josephine said.

“Magic is dangerous Josephine, we don’t know how many mages that he kept in his hideout, we cannot risks reason with him. All I know that he is dangerous.” Cullen said.

“If we can reason with him we can gather his mages and the mages from the Circle for power with Mahen’s mark to close the Breach.” Josephine said. “We’re not dealing with a killer, besides he’s unsearchable, and his goons can’t tell us where’s he’s hiding.” Cullen said. “As I said before “they protect him” no matter how many times they fall they still gathering more.” Josephine said.

Mahen quickly thought of something and stood in. “Does Kenaz has a family? Parents? Wife and children? We can talk to them and tell us where’s he’s hiding.” he asked till Cassandra place her hand to his shoulder.

“The victim’s families of the murdered Templars demanded justice, they want to see him hang for all the crimes he committed. For the pass thirty-eight years, my people, The Seekers, searched for his families around Orzammar, the Dalish, Orlais, and Feralden but there’s no luck, then we looked for his parents, but when we realize the Orlesian nobleman named: Frederick Du Mere is covering for Kenaz.” Cassandra said. “I take it that the Orlesian nobleman is treated him like family?” Mahen said.

Cassandra sighs in a slight depression and face at Leliana. “He was only seven when the Templars tries to take him to the Circle but he got away by using blood magic, he summons two demons that killed the Templars and after they are dead he ran away from the Templars in Redcliffe. Then at the age of ten, that’s where Frederick Du Mere took him into his home. He took pity on him and decide to raise him like his own, since he has twelve children of his own.” Leliana said.

“Twelve children? Seems Madam Du Mere doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed or maybe she’s desperate…” Mahen said that made Cullen chuckled and quickly clears his throat and get back to the situations about Kenaz.

“They did place him to the orlesian school and university, but sadly he has to be home schooled to train him to control his magic by his teacher Frederick Du Mere, he’s also a mage.” Josephine said.

“Since when did he became the Red Dragon?” Mahen asked. “At the age of sixteen the Templars found out that Kenaz murdered the Templars by blood magic they believed that one of Kenaz’s family has been using blood magic, they want to execute Kenaz for using a forbidden magic and crimes, making him Tranquil is out of the question for the Templar’s families specifically. They used mabari hounds to search him till they realized he’s in Orlais.” Josephine said.

“Dozen of Templars charge through Frederick Du Mere’s estate and search for Kenaz. But they have to restrain the Du Mere’s family they believed Kenaz is possessing them by blood magic, which they are not, but before they were about to restrain the family that’s were Kenaz make his kill. He took out some Templar’s that was attacked him the knight-commander strikes him on Kenaz’s chest. That’s where Kenaz snapped.” Cullen said.

“What happened?” the elf asked till Cassandra brings out and place an old jewelry box to the war table and opens to let Mahen see with his own eyes.

Mahen looked inside the box and saw a hand-sized red scale. Mahen softly gasps by looking at the scale, as wanted pick it up but he remained his hand to himself and looked at Cassandra, then Josephine, Cullen, and Leliana with a slight fear.

“Kenaz turn into a dragon and wipe the whole Templars in the estate with a fire breath till the Templars are burned down he looked at the Du Mere family and as he saw on their faces filled with a broken heart, yet he roars in grief and flew away and never been found for twenty-nine years. Even Frederick Du Mere and his family never heard of him for twenty-nine years.” Cassandra said.

“And he’s been hated the Templars since then. I’m sorry to say this but there’s no point in reasoning with him.” Cullen said. Mahen look at the scale with a slight depression on his face and realized that Kenaz was depressed drowning in hate for far too long till he face at them with a calm and fearless expression.

“Look, I know that Kenaz is my secret suitor for magic, but if he appear to me I can try reason with him to send his mages to the Inquisition to gather the energy for my mark, if not we can perhaps stop him. But he’s depressed and no Templar or no one can’t see him that way and understand him. He might be killing Templars, but he’s very desperate.” Mahen turns to Cullen.

“Cullen, I know how hard this is to believe, but you’re a Templar and I know you don’t want the mages to become abominations, but if you let me have the chance to reason with Kenaz with your permission as a half mage and a son of a mage.” Mahan said while he raise his hand up to Cullen.

Cullen eyes widen about Mahen said that he is the son of the mage, he face at Cassandra, Leliana, and Josephine with a speechless expression on his face. As he face at Mahen and sighs with disapproval, he knew that he can’t talk Mahen out of this but had no choice to accept the elf’s plot. Cullen grab Mahen’s hand and shakes it and nods his head, they release their handshake. “Maker guide you, Lavellan.” Cullen said. Mahen nodded with a smile.

Cassandra face Mahen with a slight disapproval expression and walks behinds him. “Are you certain of this?” Cassandra said in concern.

Mahen nodded with smile, Cassandra face at Cullen and the others. “Dismissed.” She said as Cullen and the others nodded and went out to the door till Cassandra face at Mahen. “Bring Varric and Solas to prepare their equipment, we’ll leave tomorrow morning without hesitation.” Cassandra said.

Mahen nodded and about to head out till Cassandra stopped him by grabbing his shoulder. Mahen look at Cassandra behind. “A moment before you go.” She said. Mahen turn to her and wait for her response. ”I never get the chance to tell you…Thank you, for saving my life, twice.” Cassandra said till it made the elf blush a little. Mahen scratch his right cheek with grin. “You’re welcome, plus we’re partners, we work together, right?” Mahen said till Azul pounce out of the satchel and mew that made Cassandra chuckled a little. “I’ll keep that in mind.” She said and went inside of the Chantry to gather her equipment.

Mahen face at Azul and Azul sat on the snowy ground. Mahen raise his hand up to Azul and said the growth spell to the cub in an adult tiger like before. Till the crow with a red scale around its neck flew to the west of the mountain.

To be continued…

DAI: Ch.3 The Dragon of Knowledge
Here's the Chapter. 3 The Dragon of Knowledge

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Prev:  DAI: Ch.2 Know Thy AllyTitle: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 2 – Know Thy Ally
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.
In a snowy day in Haven the villagers is helping the Inquisition soldiers gathering the equipment for the weaponry. Inside of Mahen’s house, Fillia put on her fur boots in her bare feet and as she did, she got up from the ground and feel the warmth in the boots.
“Ooo~ it’s

Next: DA:I Ch.4 The Tales of the ClanTitle: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 4 – The Tales of the Clan
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.

Chapter 4. The Tales of the Clan
In the abandoned dwarven ruins underground, the crow with the red scale around its neck flew down to the door and a purple magic from the crow’s eyes turn to the delivery boy who send the wooden box to Mahen walked through the cave and knock the door with his sta

Dragon Age Inquisition @ Bioware
Second Glowing Woman, Mahen, Lawrence, Hika, Fillia, Pips, Kin'vel, and Den (Mine) @CyberPunkSammy
Title: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 2 – Know Thy Ally
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.

In a snowy day in Haven the villagers is helping the Inquisition soldiers gathering the equipment for the weaponry. Inside of Mahen’s house, Fillia put on her fur boots in her bare feet and as she did, she got up from the ground and feel the warmth in the boots.

“Ooo~ it’s so warm inside my feet and it’s soft and cozy!” Fillia said with a smile she faced at Mahen’s wearing his leather boot and wearing a green iron armor after that he wore a fur coat, inside the coat it has a drufflo fur around the hood and the outside of the fur has a dark green leather with the symbol of the Inquisition on the back.

Mahen button up his coat and grab his pack of arrows and place it around him. Fillia grab Mahen’s mark hand with the text book that Mahen found and gave her. “I kept the book like you said.” She said. Mahen smiled and grab the text book from his sister’s hand till they heard rattling inside. Mahen and Fillia looked at the text book confused.

“Brother, what’s in the book?” she asked. “I…don’t think it’s a book.” Mahen said and opens the book and sees in it but then the text book happens to be a box with an old rusty key inside. Mahen grabs the key and look around it. “What’s with the key?” Fillia asked. Mahen place the box to his desk and look at the key closely and place it down.

“I….don’t know, I mean I didn’t hear it rattling when my amulet telling me to grab the book. The book was five pound when I picked it up.” Mahen said till Fillia heard about the amulet is telling him to get the book. “The amulet? The one I gave you?” Mahen nodded.

Fillia was confused about the amulet is telling to get the book. “Not only that, sis, I have magic in me.” Fillia eyes a bit widen and look at Mahen.

“Really? How is that possible?” Fillia said. “I don’t know…but somehow…I just cast a barrier spell to protect Cassandra from a pride demon, I don’t know how I did it, but it felt like…I’ve done it before.” Mahen said while looking at his hands till Fillia grab his hands and felt his mana power to hers and smiled.

“Maybe, it’s a gift from the women that saved you.” She said. Mahen smirked a little and grab her for a hug as Fillia hugged him back, but while Mahen’s not looking Fillia started frown about Mahen’s marked hand. Mahen pulls away and saw Fillia pretended to smile he grab the rusty key that he place it in his pocket and grab his bow and walked out to the door. Fillia frown again and hoping that the mark on Mahen’s hand won’t kill him if possible.

Outside in Haven Mahen looks around the village to start a new day for him till…”Ah, Mahen Lavellan.” Mahen turn and saw Solas walking towards him. “Solas, right?” Mahen was concern about getting his name right. “That would be correct, I’ve see that you’ve been doing well?” Solas asked. Mahen’s frown a little while his ears went down with his emotions and looked at his marked hand.

“I’m worried about the mark on my hand, I wished I’d remember how I got it.” Mahen said. “I’m sure your memories will recover, if possible.” Solas said to comfort Mahen a little. “Ma serannas (I’m grateful), Solas. I appreciate your comfort, but I think I can handle it.” Mahen said. Solas smiled a little and look up to the Breach and face back at Mahen.

“Walk with me to the shop, if it pleases you?” Solas asked. Mahen sighs slightly and agrees with a nod on the head. As Solas and Mahen walks to the shop Solas has started to question Mahen. “You’re a bit young to be a hunter.” Solas said. Mahan scratch his right side of his cheek and answered. “I’m nineteen, I’ll be twenty in two months.” Mahen said.

“Your skills are impressive back at the Conclave, who taught you?” Solas asked. “Myself, and my mother, mostly.” he said. Solas stopped walking and Mahen saw him stop till Solas turn face at him.” And your magic?” Solas said.

Mahen look down and nodded his head no. “I just cast it, but I never cast a spell before, I swear.” Mahen said the truth. “Be calm, da’len. (little one). I believe you, perhaps I can teach you how to cast your spell in combat.” Solas said. Mahen chuckle a little and scratch his forehead. “That would be wonderful, but I think I can handle it without magic, Thank you.” Mahen said.

Solas nodded and look at the Breach and walk to the side to the stairs. “I’ve journeyed deep into the Fade in ancient ruin and battlefields to see the dreams of lost civilizations. I’ve watched as host of spirits clash to reenact the bloody past in ancient ears both famous and forgotten.” Solas said and face at Mahen. “Every great war has its heroes. I’m just curious what kind you’ll be.” Solas said.

“My father had me study about the ruins and battlefields about ten years ago. It means: Any building is strong enough to withstand the rigors of time has a history. Every battlefield steeped in death. The Spirits press against the Veil, weakening the barrier between our worlds.” Mahen answered. Solas eyes slightly widen and was impress of Mahen’s scholarship. “I’m impressed, I take it that your father is a mage?” Solas said with a smile. Mahen scratch the back of his head and chuckle. “Yes, apparently.” Mahen said nervously. “You see, Mahen. When I dream in such places, I go deep into the Fade. I can find memories no other living being has ever seen.” Solas said.

Mahen eyes widen, he never thought that anybody can enter the Fade by sleep. “You fall asleep in the middle of the ancient ruins? Isn’t that dangerous?” Mahen asked. “I do set wards. And if you leave food out for the giant spiders, they are usually content to live and let live.” Solas said. “I’ve never heard of anyone going so far into the Fade, not even my father and the Keeper would’ve done that. That’s extraordinary.” Mahen said.

“Thank You. It’s not a common field of study, for obvious reasons. Not as flashy as throwing fire or lightning. The thrill of finding remnants of a thousand-years-old dream? I would not trade it for anything.” Solas said till the Breach makes a thunder sound that got Mahen and Solas attention.

“I will stay, at least until the Breach has been closed.” Mahen face at Solas. “Was that in doubt?” Mahen said. Solas face at Mahen. “I am an apostate surrounded by Chantry forces in the middle of a mage rebellion. Cassandra has been accommodating, but you understand my caution.” Solas said.

“Cassandra trusts you. She won’t let anyone put you into a Circle against your will.” Mahen said. “Thank you. I appreciate the thought. For now, let us hope either the mages or the Templars have the power to seal the Breach.” Solas said. Mahen nodded and as was about to leave.

“If you and your sister have trouble with magic, come to me, if it pleases you and Fillia?” Solas said. Mahen stopped with his eyes widen and face at Solas. “How did you know that my sister—“ Solas raise his hand up to silence Mahen with a smile.

“If I may ask? Is Fillia the First of your clan?” Solas asked. Mahen was a bit speechless till he answer. “She wanted to be the First, but my parents forbad it. Well, mostly my father, he forbid it. So, my best friend Kin’vel is taking over.” Mahen said. Solas nodded. “I see, your father is a very strong man of the family?” “And a very stubborn one if I may add?” Mahen said. “How stubborn?” Solas asked.

“It’s family business and it’s….complicated.” Mahen said with a frown on his face and remember about his father stubbornness. “Reasonable, I understand.” Solas said and went inside of the shop.

Mahen walked off and spotted a teen boy with a wooden box he quickly goes to him. “Need help?” Mahen asked. “No, I must deliver this to the elven man who tried to close the Breach, The Herald of Andraste.” He said. “That would be me.” Mahen said and point to himself. The delivery man look at Mahen and saw Mahen’s mark hand. “Oh, your him.” The delivery boy place the box down.

“Have a nice day, monsieur.” The delivery boy is about to leave till Mahen stop him by grabbing his shoulder. The delivery boy face at Mahen till Mahen grab his money pouch and gives him ten sovereigns of gold. “Thank you.” Mahen said. The delivery boy was shocked that an elf like Mahen paid him for a delivery. ‘’Thank you.” The delivery boy said and left. Mahan looked at the wooden box closely and till he spotted a note nailed on top of it. He grab the note from the wooden box and starts reading it.

It says:  Herald of Andraste,
I have brought you a mount and satchel to carry him with you, but apparently he’s not old enough to be an adult and your mount. I’ve heard that you’re a part mage if that’s true I can help you turn the cub into a grown adult mount, but do not be alarmed he might grow into adult tiger by magic he might look like a vicious wild tiger in the outside, but he’s still a cub in the inside I placed a tome of growth I hoped you’ve got the key to unlock the tome lock. Use it and the cub well and Maker guide you.

Mahen’s saw the sentence “I hoped you’ve got the key” as he’s about to get the key from his coat pocket till also saw two words  “tiger” and “cub”.

Mahan quickly place the note inside his coat and bend down to the wooden box and carefully opens the lid of the wooden box, suddenly a surprise attack came out of the wooden box and grab Mahan’s face like large hand grip, till Mahen grab something from his face he felt a soft warm fur on his face as he pulls it away from his face and saw an eight week old white tiger cub that gave its best cute roar in a greeting.

With a confused look on Mahen’s face he did nothing but smile. “Aneth ara (Greetings), little cub.” He said till he saw a satchel he place the cub down and grab the satchel and look around it. The white tiger cub pounce up to Mahen’s left shoulder and surprise him a little. He opens the satchel and inside it’s a tome of growth with a lock on it, as he was about to grab the key from his pocket till the cub started nudging on Mahen’s left cheek to get his attention. Mahen’s drop the book to the wooden box and grab the cub and look at him eye to eye.

The cub wagging his tail back and forth while staring at Mahen’s eyes with the tip of his tongue sticking out. Mahen slightly blush at the cub cute that made bite his right lip till…” Is that a white tiger?” Varric surprise Mahen with a question till the elf jumps in startle a little and face at Varric with the in his arms. “You’re not gonna tell Cassandra are you? I just got him.” He said in concern.

“Who me? Nah, Cassandra doesn’t trust me, but when it comes to situations with the Breach, she trust me a little.” Varric said with a smile. Mahen sighs in relief. “But she’s going to find out, right?” Varric brought it up. “I know.” Mahen with a sighs. The cub pounce down to the ground and went into the wooden box.

Mahen scratch his cheek and face at Varric. “So...nice day, huh?” Mahen said. Varric chuckled and look around if Cassandra’s here till the coast is clear he face at the elf. “Now that Cassandra is out of earshot, are you holding up all right?” the dwarf asked.

Mahen frowned a little about the mark on his hand. “I mean, you go from being the most wanted criminal in Thedas to joining the armies of the faithful. Most people would have spread that out over more than one day.” Varric said. Mahen turn to the mountaintop where he tried to close the Breach, but not only he’s worrying about the Breach is was the people lives that got him concerned.

“I’m worried about that, but I’m more worried about the people’s lives were lost on that mountaintop, even my little sister…” Mahen said with slight frown. “A lot of good men and women didn’t make it out of there. For days now, we’ve been staring at the Breach, watching demon and Maker-knows-what fall out of it. “Bad for Morale” would be an understatement. I still can’t believe anyone was in there and lived.” Varric said.

“If it was that bad, why did you stay? Cassandra said you were free to go.” Mahen asked. “I like to think I’m as selfish irresponsible as the next guy, but this…. Thousands of people died on that mountain. I was almost one of them. And now there’s a hole in the sky. Even I can’t walk away and just leave that to sort itself out.” Varric said. “It’s pure luck that got my sister out of there.” Mahen said.

“And she got herself involved with the Inquisition, the mark on your hand, and you that’s… bad.” Varric said. “Fillia can’t help herself to find out that her brother is alright, she face too many deaths in the clan, even our mother’s death, five years ago. She can’t bare it to see of our clan shorten.” Mahen said. “True and yet still dangerous for Lilly, hope she doesn’t end up like, Merrill. Heroes are everywhere. I’ve seen that. But the hole in the sky? That’s beyond heroes. We’re going to need a miracle.” Varric said.

Mahen turn to the wooden box with the white tiger cub inside he bend down and grab the box and carries it with the cub walk to the Chantry. The cub looks up to Mahen and mews at him, as the elf heard the cub and look down at him. “I’m sorry, kitty I can’t keep you, I got a Breach to close.” He said till the cub place his paw at Mahen’s lips and mews.

The elf sighs and opens the front door, but didn’t know Cassandra is standing in front of him inside. “Elf.” She said that shocked Mahen and face at Cassandra along with the cub that just mew. Cassandra spotted the cub that Mahen is carrying in the wooden box. “Elf, where did you get the cub?” she asked while she gives him the glares. “I… just got him.” Mahen said.

“By whom?” she asked. Mahen look inside of the wooden box to find the note, but the cub already grab the note in his mouth, the cub turn to Cassandra with the note. Cassandra glare at Mahen and grab the note gently from the cub and begin to reads it. The elf looks around to make sure no one is seeing.

As Cassandra finished reading it till she look at the word “Mount”, she face the cub then at Mahen with a slightly confused and disguised look on her face. “Whoever send you the cub and this… outrageous of madness to you… have too much pride of humor. Test your… mount and if it successful you might impressed the horse master in Redcliffe, if not I will be shamefully embarrassed for letting you keep the cub. And I suggest you do it in your apartment, now. Bring him as…a grown mount.” She place the note in the box till the cub lick her hand, Cassandra eyes widen and glares at him and went back inside the Chantry.

Mahen face at the cub as the cub face at Mahen with a mew. The elf chuckled and walk to his apartment till his sister found him with a white tiger, she dashed to her brother and grab the cub with a snatch. “Awwww, look at the cute little kitty!” Fillia said while holding the cub as the cub started purring. “Hi, sister dear.” Mahen said with a blush. Fillia pets the cub’s head.

“Oh, big brother he’s so cute! Where did you get the tiger.” She asked her brother. “I just got him.” He said. Fillia smile at the little cub the cub started snuggling in Fillia’s neck as she giggles.

While Fillia is holding and petting the cub, Mahen and Fillia are walking to Mahen’s house. Inside the house while Fillia is playing the cub on her brother’s bed, Mahen look at the tome of growth details and the design he spotted the lock on the tome.

He pulled the rusty key out of his pocket and place it in the lock a bit slowly, because he had to be cautious he has no idea what he might triggered if he opens the tome. Mahen turn the key to the left side and heard a click, he remove the key from the lock he place the key to the desk and opens the tome and saw a folded sheet of paper.

He grab the folded paper and opens it and sees what’s on the paper.

As Mahen look through the sheet it’s a note by a person with the same handwriting before he claim the tiger cub. It says:

I see that you’ve claim the tome of growth with the key, well done, now then since you’re a partly a mage, I will be your suitor in magic and remember what the Chant of Light motto:

Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him.
Foul and corrupt are they
Who have taken His gift
And turned it against His children.
They shall be named Maleficar, accursed ones.
They shall find no rest in this world
Or beyond.

That is an oath of mankind, so me and my group will be watching you without any hesitation, but I’ll leave you some notes and books, they’ll be marked on a symbol of the dragon draw by blood and I’ve also have my group will deliver the books and notes for you like the man that deliver the cub that I have sent you. I will fight by your side, Mahen Lavellan.

Mahen place the letter to the desk and place his hand to his forehead and thinks on what letter said, but what’s important for him, the person knows Mahen’s name he was wondering how the person know his name till the cub mew that got Mahen’s attention. “Brother, we should name the cub, got any ideas?” Fillia asked. Mahen face at the cub as the cub gives his best pounce on Mahen’s lap till he quickly catches the cub before the tiger falls to the floor. Mahen hold the cub in his arms and face at him as the cub face at Mahen with his sapphire eyes.

“Azul…” Mahen whispers. The cub’s ears went up as he heard a name been called out. Mahen tilt his head a little while he’s looked at the cub’s eyes reflect to his own. “Azul.” He said again till the cub nudge under Mahen’s neck and purrs.

Mahen chuckled and pets the cub and hums with an A tune very handsomely and his sister gasps softly for an excitement and grab the pillow from the bed and holds it and ready to listen to her brother loving vocals.

There was a small and kind cute tiger
Who has a wolven little tail
The cub has stayed, but he chose to leave
Till one day inside the wooden box
The elf man has open the box
The cub pounce on him and purrs with bliss

After Mahen finished singing his place Azul to his desk and grab the tome and opens to the first page and reads the first sentence:

To make a young animal grow into an adult you must relax yourself like you’re sleeping, and once you’re relaxed turn to your animal companion and raise your hand up to your companion and say the Chant of Growth:

I give you my strength, (name of your companion)
Roar with my cry
Face thy enemy
As I face mine
Fight with your will
As our will is wise.

Mahen pause for a moment and took a deep breath and face at Azul, he raise his hand face at Azul. “I give you my strength, Azul, Roar with my cry, Face thy enemy, As I face mine, Fight with your will, As our will is wise.” As Mahen finished the chant the green magic swirl around out of Mahen’s hand and speedily flows to Azul and glows brightly and seeing Azul growing, Fillia quickly jumps out of her brother’s bed and ran behind her brother and watch Azul transform.

As the bright light started to fades away Mahen and Fillia eyes widen a bit with an unexpected expression, Azul was transform into a full grown adult tiger. “Oh… Maker…” Mahen said with a surprised expression till Azul pounced on Mahen to the ground and starts licking him like a dog is happy to see his master. Mahen quickly pushes the tiger away to get air.

“Well, the man wasn’t joking, Azul might be a wild vicious tiger, but still a cub.” He got up from the ground till Fillia jumps on Azul’s back with a hug with joy. “He’s even cuter!” she yell in excitement. “Well, how about that.” He said till he looked at the note from the book and wondering who this mage is and why is he helping him with his magic abilities.

“Brother?” Fillia said in concern of her brother’s concern and cautious expression till Mahen face his sister with a fake smile. “Seems we got a new ally, sis.” He said. Fillia frown at her brother, she’s knows something is going on with him but she slightly smile for now till the door opens by Cassandra. “Elf, we need inside of the—“.

Cassandra paused and gasped a little by spotted at Azul is a full grown tiger. Cassandra face at Mahen if he really successfully made Azul as an adult. Mahen nodded with a slightly smile.

Cassandra took a small breath and face at Azul with her normal expression. Azul lick his paw and rub it on his forehead, Cassandra face at Mahan. “I have no words to say about this, but it was a success, you’ll impressed the horse master once we get to the Hinterlands as soon as possible, come, to the Chantry.” Cassandra said while she’s waiting for him. Mahen looked at the note, he really don’t know what to do till he grab the note and handed to Cassandra.

Cassandra saw the note from Mahen’s hand she grab it and reads it and when she saw the sentence “symbol of dragon draw by blood” her eyes widen in slight of fear, she face at Mahen with that  expression. Mahen saw her slightly fear expressions he never thought that the Seeker of the Inquisition is scared. “Something wrong?” he asked.

Cassandra looks at the note closely and saw the “suitor” as she quickly reads the note twice and face at Mahen. “Do you know a person that called himself “Kenaz the Red Dragon”?” she asked Mahen. Mahen raise his right eyebrow he face at his sister if she knows Kenaz the Red Dragon. Fillia nod her head no and he face at Cassandra and also nodded his head no.

“Good.” Cassandra said and folded the note and place it in her pocket. “You know him?” Mahan asked. Cassandra never want to waste time but with a slightly rage expression as Kenaz has really send a note to Mahen but no, not just him, but to the Inquisition. “He’s a Templar killer.” She said.

To be continued…

DAI: Ch.2 Know Thy Ally
Here's the Chapter. 2 Know Thy Ally

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Prev: DAI: Ch.1 The Breach (part.3)Title: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 1 (part.3) The Breach
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.

About a half an hour, Fillia looked up in the sky and the Breach itself is still in the sky and the people is wondering why is not closed. "Mahen...what in the Maker's name is going on?" Fillia said to herself till she saw a man with a blac

Next: DAI: Ch.3 The Dragon of KnowledgeTitle: The Herald of Andraste - Chapter 3 – The Dragon of Knowledge
Author: CyberPunkSammy
Game: Dragon Age Inquisition
Rating: T/ PG-13
Characters (This Chapter): Mahen Lavellan (Mahen Tabison), Cassandra, Leliana, Varric, Solas, Fillia, Roderick and Cullen
Genre: Action, drama, humor, romance.
Disclaimer: Dragon Age characters, settings, and any dialogue taken from the game ©BioWare. Mahen, Hika, Fillia, and Pips belongs to me.
Content Warning: Dalish Rouge Inquisitor and Origins Spoilers; Overall game spoilers; Adult language; Mild violence; mature content in later chapters of Cliffhangers.
Chapter 3. The Dragon of Knowledge
As Cassandra leads Mahen and Azul inside of the Chantry till Mahen’s marked hand started glowing and as he looked at it with a slight concern expression.
Cassandra spotted the elf’s concern and walk up to him. “Does it trouble you?” she asked. Mahe

Dragon Age Inquisition @ Bioware
Second Glowing Woman, Mahen, Lawrence, Hika, Fillia, Pips, Kin'vel, and Den (Mine) CyberPunkSammy

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